Saturday, June 22, 2019

@uniteforvitiligo #ivsaver(@get_ivsaver) In picture: @ronakyoga, the yoga guru We all wish if there was a magic bullet for vitiligo. We wouldn’t have so many #vitiligo fighters struggling with social anxiety, low self-esteem, unkind remarks and strange stares. As long as you would like vitiligo to go away, it stays on and even spreads more reeling under the pressure of stress. So, what do we do to live happier with vitiligo? You embrace it and keep all negatively at bay. #Yoga can help you do that. Research has shown that different disciplines of Yoga have helped people with vitiligo manage the physiological effect of the chronic skin disorder. After all, Mindful Yoga for vitiligo is a way of inculcating awareness. Awareness towards ourselves, our minds, our bodies and much more. Each discipline of Yoga supplements and complements each other and addresses your different needs. Some of the reported benefits of practicing Yoga are increased energy levels, better sleep, balanced hormones, better digestion, better skin and hair, mental clarity and a happier you. #internationalyogaday #ronakgajjar #ronakyoga #juhu